Memory Keeper

Sewing Book (2013)

Printed images, acrylic, ink, pencil on Hahnemohle photo rag paper, 15” x 20” (each work)

Swarnabhumi Series (2013)

Archival Print on Hahnemohle photo rag paper, Watercolor, ink, coffee stains, 12’’ x 8.5’’ (each work)

Remembering and Un-remembering the Laced Wall 1 (2016)

Archival print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper, watercolor, Acrylic, ink, charcoal and pencil. 40 x 26 cm (16 x 10 inches)

Inescapable Inheritances I II & III (2016)

Digital print, acrylic, charcoal, water color and pencil on acid free water color paper. 53 x 51 cm (21 x 20 inches)

Silent Sitters- Staging of a Memory Series 2 (2016)

Archival print on Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper, watercolor, acrylic, ink, charcoal, pencil and pasted images. 65 x 51 cm (25.5 x 20 inches)

I Can't See the End. Neither Can I See the Beginning I- III (2016)

Archival Print on Hahnemohle Fine Art Paper, Acrylic, Ink, Charcoal and Pencil. 24” x 14”

Memory is a chameleon and a great manipulator. It is elusive, yet accessible. It is fragile, yet powerful.  One cannot be without it, and its absence scares us.  We become its captive as memory is our only anchor to a place, to a root and to our sense of time.

For some, like my mother, the passage of time marks their bodies and mind by setting in a process of erasure, slowly emptying their piles of remembrances. The anchor of rooting is gradually lifted leaving a hazy hole with no sign of beginning or end. What remains is fragmented and unconnected pieces of memory.  A series of atemporal moments without repose.