Tale of Two Cities

Voyages of Intuition and Adobes of Promises (2016)

30” x 88” x 27”. Iron structure, Acrylic boxes, printed images, cloth and plastic & wood pieces.

Visiting two ancient cities, Varanasi (India) and Anuradhapura (Sri Lanka) stirred my curiosity on the idea of ‘pilgrimages’ and the parallel landscapes and sacred routes people construct. The journeys of these pilgrims reflected a map that is experientially and emotionally rooted than formal mappings of these areas.  These maps that pilgrims construct remain more in their memories and imaginations rather than as physical entities.  These mental mappings also perpetuate their claim to these geographies (even beyond their homelands) and its history, a history which has been constructed and interpreted to support their religious beliefs. At the same time their continuous journeys reaffirm these histories.