Left Behinder

Left Behinder: Sewing Book (2018)

Printed image on Harman matt cotton textured paper, acrylic, ink, pencil, appliqued cloth. 11” x 240” (full length)

We live in a world that is at once connected as well as disconnected. Some say the world has become a smaller place, leaving no distance of time between people with the age of communication technology boom and the ability of instant connection to each other. We are assured of virtual proximity in the moments of physical distance.

We, who are born into this era of human movement, the age of ‘connected but disconnected’ become the victims of this cruel dichotomy. We are made to hold on to objects rather than to other humans, and memory and memorabilia become matters of fetish, a compromised comfort in the absence of a tangible presence.  The 'left behinder: Sewing Book’ touches on the emotional anxieties pertaining to the long-distance relationship, centring around my own relationship with my mother, an 86 year old matriarch who is losing her memory. Her sewing book becomes my fetish object, my source of proximity to her.