Memory Keeper (2012)


I am the ‘memory keeper.' I have become a memory keeper because I was born wedged between the sunset of one era and dawn of another. Existing between eras is to live in a liminal space where people forget to keep records because they are eager to forget the past, and  move on to the future. Therefore, the last vestiges of the previous era and the transition itself, become insignificant moments and footnotes of history, not worth remembering in the larger contexts of events. They only become important in the nostalgias of people like me who don't belong to the histories of either era because we happened to be born in between times, in a moment of liminality. So we need a space of comfort for ourselves, a space we find entrenched within the nostalgias and memories of moments in our lives which for many people have become insignificant and mundane … So now, I am grasping for and committing to memory those moments and incidents that for many people would be insignificant details … they are insignificant because they have ceased to be important to them amidst many other things in life.

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