About Anoli Perera

Anoli Perera - Profile picture from 2011

Anoli Perera, an artist largely self-taught she pursued her art training in stone carving at the Artworks: The Visual Art School of Princeton for Continuing Education, New Jersey, USA. She has been practicing as a visual artist for over 25 years and have exhibited her art extensively.  2002, she received a Visiting Artist Residency at the University of Wollongong in Australia as well as a residency at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum in Japan. Same year she was invited to participate in the Fukuoka Art Triennale, Japan.

The City, Janus-faced - Exhibition by Anoli Perera

The City Series I. Watercolor paper, pencil, acrylic, ink , wax, canvas and acrylic box. 25 x 60 x 14 inches. 2017

The Roman god Janus, a two-faced guardian of doorways represents in the same instance inflow and outflow, the past and the present, becoming and unbecoming, Being Janus-faced is an intricate expression of binaries, two opposites or two conditions. ‘The City, Janus-faced’ builds on this implication.